New board for LDS elected!

On Tuesday 1st of March Lund Debate society elected a new board! The new board constists of:

President: Clara Brandt succeeds Oskar Lif

Vice president: Lara Hollmann succeeds Vlad Ciobanu

Debate director: Matti Bryder continues

Secretary: Mathias Andersson succeeds Niklas Grabowski

Treasurer: Henrik Rundgren succeeds Ernest Björklund

Communication and Media officer: Sofia Miskova fills a vacant position

Social/Equity officer: Niklas Grabowski succeeds Stefanie Borup Holm Petersen

We would like to congradulate the newly elected and wish them best of luck for a new year of debating. We would also like to thank the previous board and the loyal LDS members for the incredible work that they have done during 2015/2016, for the joyful debate cafés and the educational debate trainings, for the great events and socials and for a fantastic Lund IV 2015…and for the fika! We hope the new board will continue the great work and make the Lund Debate family even bigger.

The new board members will take up duty from the 1st of April.

Winners of the Lund Mini Tournament

Congratulations to Clara Grønborg Juul and Jonas No Sjølund from Copenhagen for winning the Lund Mini Tournament!
The final motion read: This House would ban all religious organizations from all contact with children.



ESL Finalist, Mock Debate and Leiden Open

What a week! After Ernest and Joel broke to the ESL Final at the Manchester IV last weekend, Lund Debate Society kicked off the week with a US-Primary Mock Debate in cooperation with Democrats Abroad Sweden on Monday. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, represented by LDS members, engaged in a lively debate about universal health care, economic stability and defense strategies. Not only did they have to defend their stance against each other and the engaged audience, but also against a LDS-member speaking for Donald Trump.
The members did not represent their own views and merely jumped into the role of a presidential candidate.

This weekend Lund Debate Society member Olle Reberg competes in the Leiden Open. He is joined by John Tsopanis – we wish them the best of luck!

You also feel like competing this weekend? Join us tomorrow at 9.30am at Folksuniversitet for this year’s first Mini-Tournament. Find out more here!

Debate café – February 15


Many thanks to everyone for coming to our last week’s debate café and engaging in an informative debate about the US primary elections, democracy and leadership. The motion ran was: TH believes that Party Elites should be solely responsible for nominating presidential candidates in the US.

Would you like to find out more about the presidential elections? If yes, we invite you to attend a mock debate between pro-Bernie vs. pro-Hillary supporters hosted by Democrats Abroad and the Lund Debate Society. The event will be held today (22nd of February) at Folksuniversitet starting at 18.00. For more information visit our Facebook event.

Looking forward to see you tomorrow at Folkuniversitet for our usual Tuesday Debate Café!

Lund goes to Manchester


This weekend Ernest and Joel are representing Lund in the Manchester IV. Among others, they will be competing against former LDS member Nicola, who is speaking for the University of Edinburgh. We wish them the best of luck!

If you would like to have more information about the Manchester IV, check out the facebook event.

Are you interested in representing Lund University at debating championships all over Europe just like Ernest and Joel? Then join us for the next Debate Café this upcoming Tuesday at 18.30 at Folkuniversitet!

Join us for the first Mini-Tournament of the year


We welcome everyone, young and old, experienced and inactive, inexperienced and active, from near or far or everything in between, we do welcome you to the first mini tournament happening on February 28 at 9.30am at Lund’s Folksuniversitet!

The mini-tournaments are here to give everyone the opportunity to practice debating in a more hardcore, tournament-style setting without the expensive flight tickets or the pressure of facing a large audience. We encourage everyone to participate, either as a debater or as a judge, to get some experience and have a glorious Sunday of debate.

Find out more on how to register, registration fee and the schedule by attending the Facebook event.

In cooperation with Folkuniversitetet and AF-Borgen

Register to Vote in the Global Primary


We think it is important for everyone to participate in elections and make your voices heard no matter who you vote for and whichever party you support!

Did you know you can vote in the Global Primary as an American citizen studying or living in Lund? Want to learn how? Would you like to see a mock debate between pro-Bernie vs. pro-Hillary supporters? Democrats Abroad and the Lund Debate Society are teaming up to host this event at Folksuniversitet on February 22 where we can help you register with Democrats Abroad so you can vote in the global primaries.

Doors will open 1745 so you can have start having some fika, registering and saying hello to everyone. Democrats Abroad Sweden Chair Deedee Gierow will give some information as well as a welcome note from Lund Debate Society. We expect the debate will start at 1830. Registration with the DA will be possible throughout the event.

You are all very welcome! This event is free and American themed fika will be served! Call +46723230196 for more information!

Get more information on Facebook!