Spooktacular Halloween!

Hello everybody, and hope you are enjoying this wicked weekend!

During the past couple of weeks LDS has experienced a lot, and for that reason this post is dedicated to some general announcements. If you want to participate to some of the coming events, feel free to contact us via Facebook or e-mail! 🙂

  • Two weeks ago an Extra Annual Meeting took place at GeoCentrum. There some changes for the structure of the Lund Debate Society were made, that is the board was reformed. It now consist of five people, the President (Kati Pino), Treasurer (Kärt Karus), the Secretary (Reuben Lindroos), the Debate Director (Karl Hansson) and the Communications Officer (Kia Silvennoinen). 
  • Furthermore the preparations for the Lund IV are going further. The Lund IV Volunteers will meet up next Saturday (Nov, 8th) for a debaking session. The agenda of the meeting primarily includes a jolly assembly line of bakers, however some more organization related tasks will be discussed on the side.
  • The next day, 9th of November the Lund Mini will finally take place! This small local tournament is directed for debate practice, and the teams will be divided to pro-ams (more experienced debaters together with newer debaters). In order words, a great way to practice for international competitions!

Gostly Greetings from the LDS Board!

Hope to see you next week 🙂


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