Special Debate Café during the Lund IV week!

Next Tuesday, December the second LDS will host a special Debate Café in cooperation with Projekt6 in honor for the World AIDS Day. Since 1988 the World AIDS Day is held annually on December 1st. It aims at raising awareness of the AIDS-pandemic and its stigmatization and discrimination. During the day participants show support and respect to those living with HIV and to the more than 35 million people who have died of it.

In Sweden, more than 9000 individuals have been diagnosed with HIV.  Despite claiming to be an open and equal country the stigmatization of those living with the disease is still very high. 75% of young people (age 15-24) have had unprotected sex and almost 50% admit having had unprotected sex with a complete stranger (sverigeradio.se). This is the part where Projekt6 walks into the picture – they aim to raise awareness and sexual health in Lund. LDS is excited to help them to achieve their goal! 🙂

Hope to see many of you next week! We will furthermore have an extra-annual meeting where an empty board position will filled. Note that this week the event will be held at Cafe Athen instead of GeoCenturm.


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