ESL Finalist, Mock Debate and Leiden Open

What a week! After Ernest and Joel broke to the ESL Final at the Manchester IV last weekend, Lund Debate Society kicked off the week with a US-Primary Mock Debate in cooperation with Democrats Abroad Sweden on Monday. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, represented by LDS members, engaged in a lively debate about universal health care, economic stability and defense strategies. Not only did they have to defend their stance against each other and the engaged audience, but also against a LDS-member speaking for Donald Trump.
The members did not represent their own views and merely jumped into the role of a presidential candidate.

This weekend Lund Debate Society member Olle Reberg competes in the Leiden Open. He is joined by John Tsopanis – we wish them the best of luck!

You also feel like competing this weekend? Join us tomorrow at 9.30am at Folksuniversitet for this year’s first Mini-Tournament. Find out more here!

One Reply to “ESL Finalist, Mock Debate and Leiden Open”

  1. Team Connery & Trebek(Olle & John) ended up on 10pts only missing break to Semis on speakerpoints

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