Lund Debate Society: new board for 2017-2018

The annual meeting on the 7th of March decided to elect the following board that will take over on the 1st of April.

President: Simon Sällström succeeds Clara Brandt

Vice president: Mathias Andersson succeeds Lara Hollmann

Debate director: Niklas Grabowski succeeds Matti Bryder

Secretary: Jakub Pawlowski succeeds Mathias Andersson

Treasurer: Sofia Miskova succeeds Henrik Rundgren

Communication officer: Stellan Lindeberg succeeds Sofia Miskova

Human resources: Jaroslava Ficová succeeds Niklas Grabowski

We would like to congratulate the newly elected board. Pictures and presentation will come up later!

New board for LDS elected!

On Tuesday 1st of March Lund Debate society elected a new board! The new board constists of:

President: Clara Brandt succeeds Oskar Lif

Vice president: Lara Hollmann succeeds Vlad Ciobanu

Debate director: Matti Bryder continues

Secretary: Mathias Andersson succeeds Niklas Grabowski

Treasurer: Henrik Rundgren succeeds Ernest Björklund

Communication and Media officer: Sofia Miskova fills a vacant position

Social/Equity officer: Niklas Grabowski succeeds Stefanie Borup Holm Petersen

We would like to congradulate the newly elected and wish them best of luck for a new year of debating. We would also like to thank the previous board and the loyal LDS members for the incredible work that they have done during 2015/2016, for the joyful debate cafés and the educational debate trainings, for the great events and socials and for a fantastic Lund IV 2015…and for the fika! We hope the new board will continue the great work and make the Lund Debate family even bigger.

The new board members will take up duty from the 1st of April.

Winners of the Lund Mini Tournament

Congratulations to Clara Grønborg Juul and Jonas No Sjølund from Copenhagen for winning the Lund Mini Tournament!
The final motion read: This House would ban all religious organizations from all contact with children.



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