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Want to become a member?

First of all, you have to pay which you can do either through a bank transfer or by giving cash to our treasurer. Bank information can be found below. Fill in the form after you’ve paid and you are officially a member!

Why become a member? 

Lund Debate Society offers many different benefits to its members. Firstly, debating, in general, contributes to one’s personal growth by allowing you to argue for things you do not actually stand for. Debating improves your communication skills which you’ll realize that you need once you find out that any idea in your head wasn’t as clear when you tried to explain it to everyone else.

Furthermore, the membership allows you to take part in fun and fascinating international tournaments. They are usually not so expensive and give you the opportunity to visit a student at some other university in Europe. More detailed information about tournaments you can ask from any board member.

Last but definitely not least, being a member of Lund Debate Society will give you a broad network of friends from not only different faculties at the university but also from all over the world!