Become a member

Want to become a member?

First of all, you have to fill in the form which you can find if you scroll down on this page. Then you have to pay the 100 SEK membership fee which you can do either through a bank transfer or by giving cash to our treasurer.

Why become a member? 

Lund Debate Society offers many different benefits to its members. Firstly, debating allows you to acquire useful skills that will help you throughout life. Debating develops your world-view since you often times have to argue for things you do not actually stand for. Also, it improves your communication skills. You will naturally convey exactly what you want to say – without leaving any room for misinterpretation. And most importantly you will be able to hold an improvised 10-minute speech that leaves the audience in awe without even flinching for a second.

Furthermore, the membership allows you to take part in intellectually challenging international tournaments. They are usually not so expensive and give you the opportunity to visit a student at some other university in Europe. More detailed information about tournaments you can ask from any board member.

Last but definitely not least, being a member of Lund Debate Society will give you a broad network of friends from not only different faculties at the university but also from all over the world!

Go to our Facebook page and press the “Register” button to reach the membership form for the current semester!

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