Wissam Chalabi on Lundagård.se

Screencapture from Lundagård.se
Screencapture from Lundagård.se

Lundagård.se a local Swedish newspaper, interviewed Wissam Chalabi about hosting the Lund IV 2013. He even hints on the surprises that the LDS will bring in the future.

To read the article (in Swedish), you may click on this link: http://lundagard.se/2013/12/18/lund-bast-i-debatt-pa-hemmaplan/

Again, Emilia and Peer on Lundagård.se

Lund snackar bäst i Europa « Lundagård - 2013-10-10_22.42.24
Screencapture from Lundagård.se

Local Swedish newspaper, also did a feature on Peer and Emilia on winning the ESL category of the EUDC 2013 in Manchester.

To read the article, you may click on this link: http://lundagard.se/2013/08/28/lund-snackar-bast-i-europa/

Emilia and Peer interviewed on Achte Minute

Achte Minute» International Menschen Mittwochs-Feature Turniere » “An incredibly awesome surprise”- Interview with ESL Champions Peer & Emilia - 2013-10-10_22.43.22
Screencapture from Achte Minute

Achte Minute, a German debating website did an interview on Emilia and Peer upon winning in the English as a Second Language category at the European Universities Debating Championship 2013 held in Manchester/

You may read the article here: http://www.achteminute.de/en/20130828/an-incredibly-awesome-surprise-interview-with-esl-champions-peer-emilia/