The Lund IV 2015 Survival Guide is out!

The LIV2015-Survival-Guide is here. Make sure to read it and download it on your tablet or phone before the IV starts.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lund!


Two more reasons to be excited

Only 27 days left until we welcome you to Lund this December 6 and we have two announcements for you!

Joining Harish, Emilia and Milan is another fantastic guy and EUDC 2013 finalist by the name of Michael Barton! We warmly welcome Michael to the growing A-Team of the tournament!


Elite Hotel Ideon in Lund has agreed to become our co-presentor for this year! This means that all participants of Lund IV Elite Hotel Ideon 2013 will be sleeping in this prestigious hotel at no additional cost!

This means that you won’t have to worry about crash options, because you are staying in this wonderful hotel!


Excited now? We still have a few slots left! Head on over to to register!

See you soon!

It keeps getting better!

We’re proud to announce two fantastic additions to our CA-Team:

Joining Harish in the A-team is Lund’s very own ESL EUDC Champion Emilia Carlqvist as the Co-CA for the Lund IV.

Also joining us as DCA will be the distinguished debater and CA of Zagreb EUDC 2014: Milan Vignjevic!

a harisha emilia  a milan

Excitement levels high enough to register another team? Quickly sign up, we’ve got a few slots left: