At the beginning of time, the only debating taking place in Lund was at UPF – the association of foreign affairs. Debating was without a fixed format and the rules changed from event to event.

Then there was light, Lucy, this Philippine exchange student suggested that we should try the British Parliamentary format and go to tournaments and compete. Lucy said that the Berlin IV was a great tournament for beginners and no experience was needed. She also offered to train us – Sara Moricz, Björn Wallentin and myself – so we met up at the law faculty library to practice for the tournament.

We went to Berlin IV in May and when we came back, we started to do BP debating in UPF until spring break. During spring there was another tournament that Sara Moricz and Fredrik Tranchell attended (think it was Amsterdam), but after spring break there was no UPF-debating. So Hampus Holmer and Björn Wallentin were trying to establish Lund debating society (there was a big discussion if it should be “debate” or “debating”).

In the end, “Lund Debating Society” was the suggestion that won even though it wasn’t used and eventually changed to “Debate” in October 2017. The first and second meeting of Lund Debating Society went well with a lot of people but after that, we had no venue for the third meeting so it all died out slightly. I had gotten a taste for debating so I asked at the economic institution if we could get a free room where we could have our sessions which we then got! I also wrote the constitution after which we had our constituting meeting and I registered the debate society with the Swedish tax authorities and we were established!

The board was me Björn and Hampus, I was the cashier Björn and Hampus had a lively discussion and if I remember correct Björn was the first president. Since then Lund debate society has had weekly debates but in the beginning, there was often not enough people to hold a whole debate. Lucy and I went to Worlds in Botswana 2010 (my partner Karin dropped out last minute) and at spring we had our first Lund Open we also had some public debates at the state library to try and get some more people interested. The debate society was quite small until Emilia Carlqvist became president and Carin Falk head of PR. But better ask them about things at this stage…

…to be continued