Again, Emilia and Peer on Lundagå

Lund snackar bäst i Europa « Lundagård - 2013-10-10_22.42.24
Screencapture from Lundagå

Local Swedish newspaper, also did a feature on Peer and Emilia on winning the ESL category of the EUDC 2013 in Manchester.

To read the article, you may click on this link:

Emilia and Peer interviewed on Achte Minute

Achte Minute» International Menschen Mittwochs-Feature Turniere » “An incredibly awesome surprise”- Interview with ESL Champions Peer & Emilia - 2013-10-10_22.43.22
Screencapture from Achte Minute

Achte Minute, a German debating website did an interview on Emilia and Peer upon winning in the English as a Second Language category at the European Universities Debating Championship 2013 held in Manchester/

You may read the article here:

Emilia and Peer featured on Sydsvenskan

Så in i Norden bra - Lund - Sydsvenskan-Nyheter Dygnet Runt - 2013-10-10_22.40.59
Screencapture from Sydsvenskan

Skydvenskan, a Swedish daily did an article about Emilia Carlqvist and Peer Klüßendorf upon winning the Nordic Debating Championship 2013 in Helsinki, Finland.

To view the article in Swedish, click here:

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