LDS Contingent for Oxford IV on Lundagå

Lundastudenter tar ordet i Oxford « Lundagård - 2013-10-09_23.32.04
Screencapture from Lundagå

Last 3 November 2011, Lundagå interviewed the members of the Lund Debate Society that will compete in Oxford IV, one of the biggest and prestigious debate invitationals in the globe.

The article, in Swedish is available by clicking on this link:

Lund Debate Society featured on Sydsvenskan

Säger du ofta emot andra_ - Lund - Sydsvenskan-Nyheter Dygnet Runt - 2013-10-09_23.15.37
Screencapture from Sydsvenskan

After a tournament in Amsterdam, Sydsvenskan-Nyheter Dygnet Runt, a Swedish daily interviewed the organization’s first president, Hampus Holmer about the inspiration for setting up the organization.

Published last 5 August 2010, you may read the article here:

Lund Open featured on Lundagå

“Swedish debate is very one-sided” « Lundagård - 2013-10-09_22.52.34
Screencapture from Sydsvenskan

As we are organizing now for the Lund IV this year, we are in the course of reminiscing the early start of the Lund Debate Society, and see how far the organization has grown.

Here is an article from Lundagård dated last 15 March 2011 about the First Lund Debate Open entitled: “Swedish debate is very one-sided”. You may visit the webpage here on this link:

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