Our weekly activities

Are you interested in participating some of our upcoming events? Below you will find more information on our weekly debates and workshops!

Debate Cafés

Debate Café 1.jpgWhat is a Debate Café? 

Our Debate Cafés consist of two parts: firstly mingle and fika, followed by an open debate. Please click here so you can read why these debate give you soo much.

The debates follow the British Parliament debate-format. The topics vary from week to week, however covering current topics and critical issues that affect our society. In the debate participants will be randomly divided into four teams of two people, who will then randomly be placed either to propose or oppose a motion (i.e. the subject).

The video explains the format we use for debates. However, not all parts are relevant for us in Lund. Also, for beginners we only employ parts of the format to begin with!

Our debate cafe’s are open to everybody who is interested in current topics or to learn about public speaking.

When and Where do the Café’s take place?

The venue of our Debate Cafés is situated in the heart of Lund, at Folkuniversitetet. We meet every Tuesday from 19.00 to approx. 20.30, duration depending on the intensiveness of the discussion. Fika is served approx. half an hour before meetings (18.30).

For further information follow us on Facebook or contact any of the Board Members!

Do I have to be an experienced debater to participate? 

No! Our Debate Cafés are open to everybody who is interested in lively discussion about current topics, politics, ethics, human rights, economic policies, science, philosophy.. you name it!

The active members consist of both, experienced and internationally well-succeeded debaters as well as new beginners. During our cafés everybody has a chance to get kind but conductive feedback from our more experienced members. If you are interested in getting more of individual feedback, you can always become a member and join our Debate-Training Group!


Throughout the year LDS tends to organize several workshops. They usually concern either a current issue that we find important to discuss on, or likewise work as prepping for some upcoming tournaments. Information on future workshops will be updated once the venues and dates gets confirmed. Keep posted by following us on Facebook!


 Members Socials

What is the most important feature of an organization? Its members, of course!

At LDS we highly value our congenial members and therefore from time to time organize socials outside of debating. We organize for instance bar nights, play games, cook dinner together, participate in some cultural events as a group, and of course, organize thank you parties for our hard-working volunteers. Our socials are often rather spontaneous, which is why the best way to keep up with them is to follow us on Facebook!