Why you should join

Do you like to talk?

Are you opinionated?

Are you always right?

Would you like to improve your public speaking skills?

Would you like to boost you CV?

Do you like to travel?

Would you like to meet new and interesting people from all over the world?

Do you like fika?


How debating might look like at the highest level

What is debating?

Debating is a form of representation and deliberation in which two sides present and refute arguments particular to a topic or an idea. It differs from discussions or informal ‘debates’ because it requires engagement of ideas in the form of refutation and rebuttal.

What are the beneficial skills I get from debating?

Debating promotes multiple skills that directly reflect everyday life. It inevitably stimulates the participants to consider the opponents standpoint, and so to: spread knowledge and opinions; help to construct better arguments; and to concentrate on what is essential. Furthermore, debaters learn how to stand up for themselves, how to make themselves convincing and understood, they get training in public speaking, gain new intellectual ideas, gets to travel new fascinating places, meet intriguing and intelligent people…

The utilities of debating vary from person to person — for you the reason may be some of the above, to gain an outstanding mark on your resumé, or something entirely different. Join us and find out what is your debate-story! 🙂

What kind of debating do we do?

There are many formats of debating. During training sessions, which take place every Thursday at 17.00, we use the British Parliamentary format. The British Parliament format is the style of debating which is primarily used in international competitions.

During our weekly Debate Cafés, we experiment different formats of debating with the intention of encouraging participants to express themselves through public speaking. Find out more by following us on Facebook!

In addition, LDS sometimes organizes special events, e.g. workshops, public debates, or bigger tournaments.

What languages do we use?

Our regular debates are in English. For this we have three primary reasons: first, a significant amount of our members are internationals; second, some of our members train to take part in international competitions which are often held in English; and thirdly, we like a bit of an academical challenge.

Do we travel abroad for international competitions?

Yes. We travel several times a year to represent LDS in different international tournaments and competitions.

…and can I join?

Yes. Any LDS member can travel abroad to compete: the contesting opponents are always divided by the level of debate-experience. For further information, contact us via e-mail or visit one of our Debate Cafés!

Do we serve fika during our debate cafe sessions?

Yes. Fika is very important to us and we offer it for free.

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